5 More Delicious Foods That Are Poisonous For Your Cat

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Types of foods that are poisonous to your cat | Bickford Park Animal Hospital | Toronto Veterinary Clinic & Pet Care

Last month we looked at some of the foods which your cat should never eat, however we weren’t able to cover everything that should be avoided in one article.

Part of keeping your cat happy and healthy is ensuring they are eating a nutritionally balanced diet, and avoiding foods which can cause health issue, block important vitamins, or result in stomach upset, or worse.

So take it from a Toronto veterinarian, and keep reading to learn about 5 more foods which your cat should avoid.

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Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat

Even though they can be picky eaters, some cats are less discerning than others, and if they get into food they shouldn’t have, we can end up looking at situations where the old adage “curiosity killed the cat” can ring sadly true.

Read on to learn about the foods you should avoid giving your cat – some may surprise you.

1. Liver

This one might not be something most people may not have to worry about. Since so many humans have a strong aversion to the taste of liver, it’s not something most people have in their homes.

However if you are one of those who does enjoy it, think twice before sharing your meal with your cat.

Although it can be OK in small amounts, too much liver can result in vitamin A toxicity.

This condition can affect your cat’s bones, and result in deformed bones, osteoporosis, and in extreme cases, death.

don't feed these poisonous foods to your cats | Bickford Park Animal Hospital | Toronto Veterinary Clinic & Pet Care

2. Raw Meat

Some people justify the practice of feeding their cats a diet containing raw meat, because they say it is closer to what cats would eat in nature, left to their own devices.

However, raw meat can contain bacteria which can result in food poisoning.

Additionally, there is an enzyme in raw fish in particular which can destroy the B vitamin thiamine.

Thiamine deficiency can result in neurological problems for your cat, and lead to convulsions and coma.

3. Raw Dough

If you make treats at home such as bread or homemade pizza, you know that the dough needs time to rise.

Eating raw dough results in the dough rising in your cats stomach, which can lead to stomach pain, and potentially the rupture of the stomach and intestines.

Raw dough can also ferment in the stomach, and release alcohol, which is also very dangerous for cats.

4. Potatoes

Raw potatoes contain a substance called solanine which is toxic to cats.

Consuming solanine can lead to lower gastrointestinal problems.

Cooked potatoes are free of solanine, as the heat destroys it – so if your cat nabs a bite of your mashed potatoes, or steals a French fry, you don’t need to worry.

5. Green Tomatoes

Solanine is also found in green, or unripe, tomatoes.

Although some cat foods contain tomatoes, they are in very small quantities, and the tomatoes used are ripe, so there is no safety issue in these cases.

If you have tomatoes in your garden, be sure to keep your cat from munching on the plants.

What To Do If Your Cat Eats Something Toxic

Even the pickiest of felines can surprise you with what they are interested in.

I once saw a cat walk up to someone eating French fries, sniff around a bit then take a big bite of fries – right out of their hand.

So if, despite your best efforts your cat gets into something they should not have, its best to be prepared.

The ASPCA also has an Animal Poison Control Center which can be reached at (888) 426-4435.

As well, keep numbers for your vet, as well as your local emergency vet clinic on speed-dial.

If you suspect your cat has ingested harmful foods, or they are showing adverse symptoms be sure to contact your vet straight away.

In yours and your pet’s health,

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