Are You Making One Of These Vet Visit Mistakes With Your Dog?

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Are You Making One Of These Vet Visit Mistakes With Your Dog? | Bickford Park Animal Hospital | Toronto Veterinary Clinic & Pet Care

You dog is a member of the family.

You want what’s best for them, from ensuring they get proper dog nutrition, to ensuring they get plenty of exercise.

But there might be some mistakes you’re making during your annual vet visit, and not even realizing it.

As an animal hospital in Toronto, we’ve seen this mistake made quite often by dog owners.

Keep reading to learn about some of the things you might be doing which need to be changed when it comes to seeing your vet.

1. Not Being Honest With Your Vet

You know you shouldn’t be feeding your dog table scraps.

But you do it anyways, each time saying “ok, just this once” – you can’t resist those big puppy dog eyes.

And maybe you’ve had a series of rushed mornings, skipping your regular walk, and just taking your dog outside long enough to “do her business” without ensuring they are getting exercise.

Then when it comes time to see your vet, you’re told your pup is overweight.

Do you just shrug and act surprised? If you do, your vet will continue to look for reasons your pup has packed on the pounds, rather than acknowledging the actual cause.

Being honest with your vet is important – plus it might be the kick you need to get back into healthy habits.

2. Respecting Other Dogs’ Space

Your dog loves to make friends.

You go to the dog park to socialize with other dogs, and have your friends bring their dogs over so you can introduce your pups.

But most dogs don’t go to the vet to make friends.

And some of the other dogs in the waiting room might not be all too friendly.

It’s important to keep a handle on your dog, and give other dogs space in the waiting area of the vet, especially where other dogs are likely to be scared or nervous.

what do know when you take your dog to a veterinarian | Bickford Park Animal Hospital | Toronto Veterinary Clinic & Pet Care

3. Not Warning Your Vet If Your Dog Isn’t Friendly

Some dogs just aren’t friendly.

Perhaps they are nervous around anyone who isn’t their owner, or have a history which makes them distrustful.

Others are aggressive or fearful around other dogs.

If this is the case, and you are worried about your dog’s ability to stay calm around unknown people or animals, it’s vital to inform your vet of this so accommodations can be made.

Consider speaking to your vet office staff about waiting outside or in the car until they can move you directly into an exam room.

This way, you don’t have to sit in the waiting room with lots of strange people and animals. It can save you, your dog, and your vet a lot of stress.

4. Not Keeping Your Dog On A Leash

You might have the best-behaved dog in the world.

You take them for walks off-leash, and they never leave your side.

They know all the commands you’ve taught them and is an eager student to learn new tricks.

But at the vet’s office, there’s a whole other slate of factors to consider.

A normally well-behaved dog may suffer from anxiety in the vet’s office.

Plus, there are other dogs to consider – some may feel nervous in the presence of your dog, and while she just wants to play, they want their space.

When visiting the vet, no matter how well-behaved your dog is, be sure to keep them on-leash when in the waiting area.

5. Not Being Real with Your Vet about Your Ability to Follow Through

Your vet has recommended your dog take a medication which needs to be given three times per day.

But you work long hours. You’re not home when you need to provide dosage.

You have a local high school student who stops by to feed your dog and let them outside, but you’re not sure you trust them with the medication.

Be upfront with your vet about your ability to follow-through on recommendations they make.

It’s better to work out a plan you can stick with from the start than having to revisit it at a later time.

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