Adult Dog Vaccinations Back

We recommend bringing your adult dog annually for a physical examination. Our veterinarians will give your pet a thorough check-up that includes understanding the diet and exercise regime of your pet as well as the overall health and other activities. All of this information will help our veterinarians to make their recommendations for vaccinations that are required. Depending on your dog’s medical history, age, lifestyle, we also make recommendations for any changes that might be required in the care of your pet. Our proactive approach focuses on prevention of any medical issues or diseases at all stages of your dog’s life. We will also send you reminders for check-ups and any shots that your dog might require annually.

Types of vaccinations for adult dogs

At Bickford Vet, we offer both, Core and Non-core or elective vaccinations for your dog.

Core Vaccinations:
Non-core Vaccines:

Recommended schedule for adult dog vaccination

After a consultation, our Veterinarian will give you a recommended schedule for your dog’s vaccination. It is really important to follow the schedule as any lapse in vaccination puts your dog at risk.

Importance of vaccinating your dog

Prevention is not only less costly but also much easier than treating your dog for a disease which could have been prevented.  Some vaccinations are required by law, for example, vaccination for Rabies. Other vaccinations lower the risk for your dog for contracting serious diseases or developing health issues.

Costs for vaccinating an adult dog

Cost is dependent on the individual dog. At Bickford Vet, we will devise a vaccination program after a thorough checkup which will also determine the cost. Please give us a call for a consultation.