Cat Vaccinations Back

At Bickford Vet, we tailor the vaccination programs for your cat based on age, lifestyle and overall health. We believe in vaccinating only for diseases that our patients are at risk of contracting. Following the guidelines of the American Animal Hospital Association in choosing our core vaccines, we do not vaccinate for every disease every year. It is important for you to bring your cat in for an annual examination so that we can devise a vaccination plan that is suitable to your cat. During the annual visit, we will thoroughly examine your cat whether it is weight control, nutrition, vaccination, parasite control or behavioural counselling. We will answer all your questions about preventative care and give you a holistic view of how to care for your cat so that your cat can have a long, healthy life.

Vaccinating your indoor cat

Toronto by law states that all household pets must be vaccinated against the rabies virus. Apart from that, cats can be exposed to different kinds of diseases and should be given appropriate vaccination. Also, if a new cat or kitten is being introduced into the household, it is highly advisable to have the rest of the cats vaccinated properly. Just like humans, your cat’s health can change from year to year depending on factors like lifestyle, age, exposure to diseases, environment and even genetic conditions. It is important that you bring your cat in for annual checkups so that you are not caught unawares with a health condition when it’s too late.

FVRCO and Core vaccine for cats

Vaccinating cats regularly

All the feline vaccines that we administer are Purevax vaccines by Merial. The Rabies and the Feline Leukemia vaccines are recombinant and are considered the safest for cats. After a vaccine is administered, there are chances of a slight fever, soreness and decrease in appetite. These are quite common and last for just a day or so. In rare cases, there can be allergic reactions which can be managed by our veterinarians with a quick checkup. It is safe to vaccinate your cat regularly.