Cat Flea and Tick Control Back

Your pet can be infested with fleas and ticks that can cause disease. Ticks and fleas can also cause illness in humans therefore, it is imperative that you keep an eye out for these creatures. These external parasites may be less prevalent outside during certain times of the year, however, they often survive inside the house during the winter months.

Signs of presence of fleas in cats

Cats can get itchy and scratchy due to the fleas present on their skin. Being itchy or scratchy is not always due to the fleas especially in the summer months. One indicator can be digested blood specs in their fur. If you suspect fleas or ticks in your cat, please bring them in at the earliest so that our veterinarian can give them a thorough exam.

Prevention of ticks and fleas in your cat

We carry many topical products that are formulated especially for cats. We can recommend the best product for your cat as prevention is always better.