Cat Neutering and Spaying Back

Pets can be spayed or neutered once they have reached approximately six months of age. These procedures require pet anesthesia and monitoring after the surgery. Each patient receives supportive care such as intravenous fluid therapy, warm blankets and medications for pain control while in the hospital by our animal loving veterinarians and registered veterinarian technicians. After the surgery, we ensure that you receive complete care instructions and post-operative pain medications by one of our registered veterinary technicians. We will happily answer all your queries before and after the surgery.

For female pets, a procedure which involves the removal of ovaries and the uterus, called the ovariohysterectomy is performed.

Benefits of Spaying your pet

For male pets, the procedure involves removing the testicles.

Benefits of Neutering your pet

Timing for Spaying/Neutering a cat

Once your cat reaches the age of four to six months and is fully vaccinated, they can be spayed or neutered safely. Our veterinarians can answer all your questions and help you understand what the procedure involves and the several benefits for your pet as well as your household.

After the surgery

We discharge our patients on the same day after the surgery for a comfortable recovery at home. You will receive detailed instructions about how to care for them, all the do’s and don’ts as well information and medication for pain management. We will answer all your questions and will also follow up on the phone for an update on how your pet is recovering.