Cat Weight Management Counselling Back

Just like in human being overweight can have adverse effects on your cat’s health as well. We all enjoy rewarding our pets with treats and good food, however, calories add up quite quickly and cats can become overweight. We can help you with ensuring that your cat loses weight or maintains the correct weight so that they can live happy and healthy lives.

Indication that your cat is overweight

We assess body condition of your cat if you feel that there is any weight gain. We use a body condition score system that determines the percentage of body fat and how much weight-loss is required for your cat.

Weight loss and Counselling and Management Program

At Bickford Vet, we will assess your feline family member and will develop a customized plan that will help with correct nutrition and weigh loss. Weight loss should always be monitored by a professional so that it is safe for your cat. Our program includes regular weigh-ins, a diet plan, and custom progress reports. With a high-quality diet, exercise and regular counselling, we can help to regulate your cat’s caloric intake and whittle down that waistline in a safe, medically supervised way.