Cat X-ray and Ultrasound Back

At Bickford Vet, we have modern, state of the art equipment for your pets. Our X-Ray and Ultrasound machines are safe help our veterinarians with imaging and planning the treatment for your cat. We can obtain these high-quality images in a very short time and can also easily share them electronically with you or with other specialists as required.

Services for Imaging at Bickford Vet

We use cutting edge technology for taking a look at your pet’s internal systems. We make every attempt to minimize exposure to radiation to our staff and your pet. Whether your pet has been injured, has ingested any foreign objects or might have any abnormalities, our imaging machines can help us excellent digital images for better diagnosis

We also use imaging for getting dental X-Rays. This helps get an excellent view of your cat’s oral health which includes teeth, roots, gums and the surrounding bones.

Our Ultrasound machines help us get images of the internal organs and soft tissue for a diagnosis of conditions like heart disease, diseases of the lungs, kidneys and pancreas.