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Bickford Park Animal Hospital was designed to be a simple, accessible centre for our patients.

Your pet will enjoy a stress-free environment with isolation from other animals when necessary.


Relax with your cat or dog in our comfortable, welcoming reception area. Enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or water while you wait for your appointment.


Bickford Park Animal Hospital maintains a fully stocked pharmacy with medicine for the most common ailments your dog or cat may face for your convenience.

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Now that you’ve had the grand tour, contact Bickford Park Animal hospital to book your appointment today. Whatever your dog or cat’s health needs are, count on Bickford Park Animal Hospital to have a solution.

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Examination Room

Bickford Park Animal Hospital’s large examination rooms allow you to bring multiple pets to be treated where necessary, and for multiple family members to be there during important decisions and milestones in your pet’s health.

In the examination room, Bickford Park Animal Hospital’s veterinarians can provide basic treatments like vaccines and minor wound cleaning.

Treatment Room

If your pet requires a more involved treatment, which may include anaesthetics, they’ll likely be treated here.

Bickford Park Animal Hospital’s staff will treat your pet with the same level of care and compassion they would give to their own animals.

X-Ray Suite

Your pet needs diagnostic x-rays done, Bickford Park Animal Hospital can help.

Using the latest in x-ray technology, you’ll be able to get to the bottom of your pet’s woes and discuss the best treatment options with you.

Surgical Suite

From common surgeries like spaying and neutering to cancer treatments, the Bickford Park Animal Hospital team is well-trained and qualified to give your pet the care it needs.