Dog Anal Gland Expression Back

Your dog's hind end includes two small sacs located on the inside of their rectum, one on each side within the muscular wall. These sacs excrete a smelly fluid when they do their business. These anal glands are known to serve is in doggy communication as well as they excrete scent whenever your dog goes number two, and may make it easier for your pet to pass stools. Sometimes these glands do not express naturally which causes the dog discomfort and occasionally pain. When this happens, it is important to bring them to see us so that we can express the glands manually. If left untreated, blocked anal glands can become infected and painful. If you notice redness, licking, chewing or dragging of the behind on the floor, bring them in for a checkup.

Some people attempt to express the glands at home, however, it is best done by someone is professionally trained.

Dog scooting on the carpet or the floor can be an indication that they are uncomfortable, however, that can be an indication of some other issue as well. Come in to Bickford Vet and get it checked out at the earliest.