Overweight Dog Help Back

Our pet population is seeing a meteoric rise in obesity. Just like in humans, pets who are obese tend to have a lot more health issues than ones that are at a healthy weight. Some conditions that can occur in dogs due to obesity are:

It is imperative to ensure that your dog’s caloric intake is correct according to their weight, age and breed. Give us a call at Bickford Vet to have your dog evaluated.

Indications that a Dog is overweight

If your dog is 10% above their optimal weight, it is time to get them evaluated. We can help you with customized weight loss plans before the weight starts affecting your dog’s health negatively. The veterinarian will utilize a body condition scoring system to evaluate your dog to see if the weight is normal, too low or too high. It is important to note that some breeds are less active than others, however, we should be measuring food intake for all pets to keep the calories in check. Treats can also add unwanted calories and should be given in limited quantities.

Importance of a weight loss consultation

We offer weight loss consultations for your pets and can help you get your dog back in shape. Our program includes regular weigh-ins, a diet plan, and custom progress reports. With a high-quality diet, exercise and regular counselling, we can help to regulate your dog’s caloric intake and whittle down that waistline in a safe, medically supervised way. As the weight comes down, your pet will become more active and will even look and behave differently.