Senior Cat Preventive Healthcare Back

As your cat ages, we recommend regular screening for age related diseases. Blood work, urine testing, x-rays and blood pressure monitoring can all be an excellent indicator of any underlying health issues that might be creeping up due to aging in your cat. As cats are excellent at hiding symptoms and pain, owners don’t recognized changes until it is too late. Early detection of kidney, liver and thyroid diseases, to name a few, allow us to administer the appropriate treatments to make your cat comfortable, and help extend their life. Frequency of senior cat visits to a Veterinarian We recommend annual checkups and blood tests for cats that are considered seniors. Any cats over 14 years of age who are considered geriatric patients require more frequent care, especially if they are suffering from any chronic conditions. We recommend two to three times a year for check-ups. We can make recommendations for diet, supplements and an exercise regime for your senior cat so that they can enjoy a healthy long life. Weight loss in senior cats If you feel that your cat is losing weight, bring them in for a checkup to screen for any underlying health issues. We will perform a thorough checkup including the following:
We might have to do other diagnostic tests as well like blood tests, x-ray and ultrasound if required.

Tips for caring for your senior cat

As your cat ages, you might have to make changes in how they are taken care of at home. Some tips include:

Common health issues in senior cats

Senior cats come in with some of the following conditions that are quite common:

We recommend regular check-ups so that we can catch the disease early and provide the care required for a comfortable life.